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Denise M. Aaron

, MD, Dartmouth Geisel School of Medicine

Last full review/revision Sep 2021| Content last modified Sep 2021
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Intertrigo is skin maceration in intertriginous areas caused by moisture and/or infection. Diagnosis is typically by clinical appearance. Treatment includes drying agents and sometimes topical anti-inflammatory drugs.

Intertrigo develops when friction and trapped moisture in intertriginous areas cause skin maceration and inflammation with formation of patches or plaques. Infection by bacteria and yeast is also common. Typical locations are the inframammary, infrapannicular, interdigital, axillary, infragluteal, and genitocrural folds.

Diagnosis of Intertrigo

Treatment of Intertrigo

  • Drying agents

  • Sometimes topical antibacterial lotions or antifungal creams

If no bacteria or yeast are detected, drying agents should be therapeutic. Effective options include over-the-counter antiperspirants containing 20% aluminum chloride and Burow solution compresses.

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