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Life Cycle of Leishmania
Life Cycle of Leishmania
    • 1. People are infected when they are bitten by an infected female sand fly. Sand flies inject a form of the protozoa (called promastigotes) that can cause infection.

    • 2. Promastigotes are ingested by certain immune cells called macrophages. (The process of a cell ingesting a microorganism, another cell, or cell fragments is called phagocytosis, and cells that ingest are called phagocytes.)

    • 3. In these cells, promastigotes develop into another form (called amastigotes).

    • 4. Amastigotes multiply inside macrophages in various tissues.

    • 5–6. When a sand fly bites an infected person or animal, it becomes infected by ingesting blood containing macrophages with amastigotes inside.

    • 7. In the middle part of the fly's gut (midgut), amastigotes develop into promastigotes.

    • 8. In the fly's midgut, promastigotes multiply, develop, and migrate to the fly's mouth parts. They are injected when the fly bites another person, completing the cycle.

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