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Rajeev Bhatia, MD

Spécialités et expertise

  • Pediatric Pulmonology



  • Medical School: University College of Medical Sciences, University of Delhi, India
  • Internship: Infants and Children's Hospital of Brooklyn, Maimonides Medical Center, New York, NY
  • Residency: Infants and Children's Hospital of Brooklyn, Maimonides Medical Center
  • Fellowship: Pediatric Pulmonology, Children's Hospital of Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA


  • American Board of Pediatrics - Pediatrics
  • American Board of Pediatrics – Pediatric Pulmonology

Sélectionner les prix, accomplissements et publications

  • Bhatia R, Cohen BH, McNinch N: A novel exercise testing algorithm to diagnose mitochondrial myopathy. Muscle Nerve 63(5):715-723, 2021.
  • Bhatia R: Cardiopulmonary exercise testing for pediatric exercise-induced dyspnea especially in patients whose asthma treatment failed. Ann Allergy Asthma Immunol 124(1):101–102, 2020.
  • Bhatia R, Kaye M, Roberti‐Miller A. Longitudinal assessment of exercise capacity and quality of life outcome measures in cystic fibrosis: A year‐long prospective pilot study. J Eval Clin Pract 26(1):236-241, 2020.
  • Bhatia R, DiLullo KJ: Utility and efficiency of methacholine challenge testing in evaluating pediatric asthma: unraveling the diagnostic conundrum. Journal of Asthma 17:1-6, 2019.
  • Wong M, Bhatia R. A 9‐month‐old with wheezing and acute hypoxic respiratory failure. Clin Case Rep 7(5):976-980, 2019.
  • Bhatia R, Schwendeman E: Efficient use of simple exercise-induced bronchoconstriction challenge testing in pediatric exercise-induced dyspnea. Respir Care 64(1):71-76, 2019.
  • Oliveir FMS, Tran WH, Lesser DJ, Bhatia R, et al: Abnormalities in autonomic function in obese boys at risk for insulin resistance and obstructive sleep apnea. Pediatr Res 85(6):790-798, 2019.
  • Colwell K, Bhatia R: Calculated versus measured MVV-surrogate marker of ventilatory capacity in pediatric CPET. Med Sci Sports Exerc 49(10):1987-1992, 2017.