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Introduction to Miscellaneous Gynecologic Abnormalities


Charlie C. Kilpatrick

, MD, MEd, Baylor College of Medicine

Last full review/revision Jul 2019| Content last modified Jul 2019
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Noncancerous (benign) gynecologic growths include cysts, polyps, and myomas. Noncancerous growths can develop on the vulva or in the vagina, uterus, or ovaries.

Cysts are closed sacs that are separate from the tissue around them. They often contain fluid or semisolid material. Cysts that commonly occur in the genital organs include the following:

Occasionally, cysts or tumors in an ovary can cause the ovary to twist—a disorder called adnexal torsion.

Rarely, certain gynecologic growths become cancerous.

Other gynecologic abnormalities include

  • Adenomyosis: Tissue from glands in the lining of the uterus form a growth in the wall of the uterus

  • Cervical stenosis: Narrowing of the passageway through the lower part of the uterus (cervix) to the larger upper part (body)

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