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World Aids Day - My Positive Moment

In honor of World AIDS Day, the MSD Manuals will feature positive moments from individuals living with HIV. 


#MyPositiveMoment stories will highlight the inspiring moment when HIV positive individuals realized that they could live a happy and healthy life.  As a result, we hope to tackle the stigma around the condition by showing that with the right information, education, and support, individuals can still thrive.

Receiving an HIV diagnosis can be scary and overwhelming. #MyPositiveMoment tells the stories of three individuals who realized that HIV did not have to define their lives. Listen to their stories here:

Jennifer Vaughan

Jennifer Vaughan

Instagram: vongirl24

Facebook: Jennifer Vaughn

Youtube: Jennifer's Positive HIV Life


Raif Derrazi

Raif Derrazi

Instagram: raifderrazi

Facebook: Raif Derrazi

Twitter: @RDerrazi


Carolina Del Real

Twitter: @carodelreal


Expert Commentary 

We recently sat down with one of our experts to discuss why it’s important to ‘Know Your Status.’

Read our Q&A with Dr. Edward R. Cachay, Infectious Disease Specialist, University of California San Diego Medical Center.

Edward Cachay, MD

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