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Schizoid Personality Disorder


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Last full review/revision Oct 2020| Content last modified Oct 2020
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Your personality is your unique way of thinking, understanding, reacting, and relating to people.

A personality disorder is not just an unusual personality. It's when your personality traits cause significant problems in your life or keep you from relating normally to others.

What is schizoid personality disorder?

People with schizoid personality disorder are:

  • Emotionally detached and prefer being by themselves rather than with other people

People with schizoid personality disorder often:

  • Don't have or want close relationships with others—they prefer to be alone

  • Aren't interested in physical contact and sex—they often don't date or marry

  • Don't seem to care what other people think of them

  • Seem cold and aloof because their face rarely changes to show happiness or sadness

  • Have problems expressing anger

  • Choose jobs and hobbies that don't require interacting with people

They may have depression and other personality disorders in addition to schizoid personality disorder.

What causes schizoid personality disorder?

It's probably partly caused by your genes. It's more common in people who have family members with schizophrenia or schizotypal personality disorder.

Children who have cold or neglectful parents or caregivers may be more likely to get schizoid personality disorder as adults.

How do doctors treat schizoid personality disorder?

Doctors treat schizoid personality disorder with:

  • Therapy to help with social skills

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