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Jock Itch

(Tinea Cruris)


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Last full review/revision Nov 2020| Content last modified Nov 2020
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What is jock itch?

Jock itch is an itchy rash that happens in your groin (crotch). It's a fungal infection that grows in warm, damp areas.

You’re more likely to get jock itch if:

  • You’re a man, because moisture can get trapped between your scrotum and thigh

  • The weather is warm

  • You’re wearing wet and tight clothing

  • You're overweight and have folds of skin

What are the symptoms of jock itch?

Symptoms include:

  • A red, itchy rash on your crotch and sometimes upper thighs

  • The rash may have a scaly pink border

  • A bad case of jock itch can be painful

How do doctors tell if I have jock itch?

Doctors can usually tell it's jock itch by looking at it. Rarely, doctors may take a small scraping of your skin to look at under a microscope.

How do doctors treat jock itch?

Doctors treat jock itch with:

  • Antifungal cream you put on your skin

  • Sometimes, medicine by mouth

This infection often comes back more than once, especially if you also have fungal infections on your feet or toenails (athlete's foot), because fungi can spread from those areas to your crotch.

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